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CropX Technologies VWC Sensor Technical Specifications



CropX sensors are an integrated soil moisture sensor and cellular communication package that streams soil moisture data to your connected device. The sensor electrodes are built into a patented helical wing for installation with minimal soil disruption.


Sensor type

ADR (Amplitude Domain Reflectometry) at 100MHz. Sensing electrodes mounted on a patented helical probe that places the sensor in undisturbed soil.



Soil Moisture - +/-2% with CropX automatic soil specific calibration

Temperature - +/- 1%

Sensing volume 0.5


Measurement frequency  

Each soil moisture measurement takes 150ms. Several sample measurements are taken in 30 minutes increments and averaged. The average is then stored and transmitted to cloud every 12 hours.



Sensors connect via standard cellular networks either CDMA or GSM. Cellular service included in the subscription. Data transmitted using SMS protocol.



37” high (including antenna)

7” in diameter

11” above ground exposure



4 x 3.6V Lithium battery, replaceable

Measurement depths

The CropX sensor uses 2 sensors which are 10” apart. The maximum measurement depths are 8” and 18”



Housing – PA6-GF30 Glass Reinforced Nylon
Electrodes - 316 St.St

Electronics - Lead-free RoHS compliant product



1 year, parts and labor - See policy for specific details



Electronics & Assembly - Israel

Plastic & Electrodes - China



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