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Battery pack replacement manual

This manual provides a step-by-step procedure for replacing the CropX sensor’s battery pack.


What you will need?

  • A drill or screwdriver adapter with a T10 star bit
  • Flat screwdriver


***********You do not need to remove sensor from the ground.*************

1. Go to your sensor in the field.

2. Using your T10 star bit, unscrew the 5 screws on top of the sensor.


 3. Remove the battery pack by pulling it up.

*You might want to assist the flat screwdriver to assist you pulling it out.


4. Carefully un-attach the wires from the OLD battery pack by pulling them out.


5. On the NEW battery pack, make sure the silicon rubber is tight on the battery pack


6. Attach the NEW battery pack to the wires coming out from the sensor.

Make sure the male connector is pushed all the way into the female connector.


7. Carefully insert the battery pack into its place on the top of sensor. Make sure all wires are below the battery and not tight to the side of the battery.

8. Screw back the the 5 screws to the top of sensor.


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