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Uninstall the sensor

At the end of the season, uninstall the sensor as follows:

Soil must be wet to uninstall sensor. It is best to do this after an irrigation or rain, or else it is best to wet the area around the sensor with water the day before uninstalling.

  1. Bring the installation kit you received to install the sensor (1/2" T-handle drive, Sensor head adaptor socket tool and extension tube), and a shovel.
  2. Open app on smart phone / iPad and select the field and sensor you need to uninstall.
  3. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select ‘Sensors Management’ and click on ‘DEACTIVATE’ to make sensor stop transmitting, then click on ‘LOCATE’ to find the sensor.
  4. A map screen will open, follow the map to find your sensor. A straight line will show up between you and the sensor to help you navigate.

Once you reach to sensor

  1. Make sure the soil is moist.
  2. Connect the sensor head adaptor socket tool to its extension tube.
  3. Mount the sensor head adaptor socket tool on the grooves on top of the sensor head.
  4. Mount the 1/2" T-handle drive on the sensor head adaptor socket tool and loosen it counterclockwise


 * If you feel strong resistance from the sensor while trying to screw it out, use the shovel to dig around it, and pour water to the sensor area to soften the soil.


** To extend battery life it’s recommended to un-plug the battery located on top of the sensor. Click here for instructions

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