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Draw a field in CropX

Draw field in CropX


To draw a field in CropX simply follow these instructions:

  1. First draw the field.
    • If you are a new user (with no login credentials), go to click on Register button
    • If you already have credentials, log into your account and click on on the + buttonScreen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_2.37.19_PM.png
  2. Find your field by entering the address OR clicking on the My location button

  3. Select the type of field you have and draw it accordingly. Click ‘Continue’
    *If you have manual zones (different crops/sections in your field) you can zone them by clicking on manual zoning toggle. Click here for further instructions on manual zoning.

  4. System now analyzes your field and will recommend number of sensors. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

  5. Select your crop type. Click ‘Add this field’ to complete drawing and order sensors and complete registration.

  6. At cart field fill all required details, you may order different number of sensor, select the best cellular network in your field. Click ‘Order now’ to proceed.
    *If you already have CropX sensors, simply enter the field’s name and click ‘Already ordered’

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