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How do I install a sensor? (video)

Once you reach the optimal spot for sensor installation in the field utilizing the CropX App on your smartphone with the required tools (refer to What are the required items for sensor installation?), proceed as follows:

  1. Walk to within 15 feet of where the App indicates the sensor should be installed.

  1. Select for a proper spot under these conditions:
    • Close to a well established plant(s) (indicates healthy soil conditions)
    • Flat surface, no slope, no ditch, no major cracks in the soil
    • Away from obstructions and from tractors path or wheel row
  2. Insert the provided drill bit in the cordless screwdriver and dig a full-length hole in the soil

  1. Slowly, pour 1/2 gallon of water until water flows out of the hole 

  1. Insert the sensor in the hole and screw it firmly but gently with both hands to start the auger process.

  1. Pick out the package the 1” drive 4-point impact socket and insert it into the grab socket for the sensor head.

  1. Install the grab socket firmly on the grooves on top of the sensor head.

  1. Set the T-handle wrench screwdriver with extendable handles and tighten it on the impact socket.

  1. Screw in the remainder of the probe with the T-handle wrench screwdriver. Do not apply extreme force.

Note:    Beware not to damage the antenna on the sensor.

  1. Once the sensor head is set firmly on the ground, insert soil below the sensor to pack the ground tightly.

  1. Remove the T-handle wrench screwdriver, the impact socket and the adapter-grab socket from the sensor head.
  2. Proceed to How do I activate a new sensor in a field? to activate the sensor.



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