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Uninstalling the CropX Sensor

Uninstalling a CropX Sensor


  1. Open app on smart phone / Ipad.

  2. Select sensor to be Uninstalled.

  3. Use app to locate sensor.

  4. Unscrew sensor either by hand or with the Installation Socket Tool.  In heavier soils or if the soil is dry, it is recommended to bring a shovel to loosen the soil.

    • Please note when using a shovel to use caution to not damage the sensor and or drip tape / tile that may be installed in soil.

    • It is easiest to dig closely to the probe on one or two sides about 8-10” depending on how compact or dry the soil is during removal.  Be careful not to dig into the wing of the sensors at the 8” depth.  Once loose, you can then unscrew the sensor in a counterclockwise rotation.

  5. Once removed from the ground, rinse sensors to remove unwanted soil.

  6. Apply magnet to power down and deactivate. With a piece of tape attach magnet to slot below water droplet logo to turn off sensor for the season.





  1. If you have lost or misplaced your magnet, don’t worry we will ship you a replacement.  Please go to fill out the form and request the number of magnets you need for the number of sensors you have.

  2. While still logged into the app, Click on the sensor that has been uninstalled in the field.

  3. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.



  1. Click on “Sensors Management



  1. Click on the Red “Deactivate” button to deactivate the sensor that has been removed.



  1. The sensor location will not be lost and you will be able to reinstall the sensor the following season in the same location.

  2. Store your sensor in a safe, dry location until you are ready to reinstall the following season or crop.  Or reinstall if you are planning on managing with the sensors in your next crop once you have harvested.


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